FIGHT or Flight Ministry

This ministry is designed to give people hope. Chronic stress can lead to death and if there's anything that we can do to stop that, we'd like to try. 

We have designed programs and also have partnered with other health organizations to help in our endeavors so that YOU can get the best care and low or no cost!

FIGHT or Flight Ministry is always accepting donations from organizations who want to help people fight stress and live illness-free.  This is where we most need it: 

  1. Sponsoring stress-intervention program participants for the duration of the program. 
  2. Job and environmental stress: Sponsoring safety courses (i.e. CPR and first aid certifications, self-defense courses, job placement workshops, etc.)
  3. Lifestyle Management: sponsoring nutrition and fitness programming (i.e. healthy eating on a budget classes, etc.) 

This ministry helps the masses based on charitable donations from organizations. Please consider sponsoring our program participants. We want to get them well without having the stress of another financial obligation.  Your contribution can provide the resources to save someone's life! 




Stress Intervention Program

Not sure about you, but we're not looking for another online wellness app or fitness challenge. FIGHT or Flight addresses inconsistencies directly with practical tools for success. 

This is an 8-week to 6 month program that is designed to identify, confront and conquer the stressors in your life. Stress will always be around, but how you cope with it makes a world of difference. 

We tackle stress starting at a healthy lifestyle. This includes fitness, nutrition and wellness counseling sessions. We then have action plans that will last well beyond this program.

There are 2 phases, pre-diagnosis and post-diagnosis. If you have symptoms of stress (headaches, anger, clouded thinking, body aches,  etc.) and you believe that your health is declining because of it, you need to be in this program. It is a matter of life or death and we want to encourage LIFE void of stress-induced illness! Come see us.


The Founders

 Melanie Rose is a wellness programming professional in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and has been working in this industry since 2005. She holds a Master's degree in Kinesiology where her degree major was Exercise Psychology. She is a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), as well as a Therapeutic Exercise Specialist and Fitness Instructor through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Melanie has created several wellness programs, managed many fitness facilities (private, public and hospital-based) and chooses to promote WELLness over ILLness. Melanie currently is the owner of Melrose CPR and is a Kinesiology Instructor at Tarrant County College. She also volunteers at her church providing dance and self defense classes for Women of Faith.

Derrick J. Rose is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and the lead instructor at Melrose CPR. He educates the masses on the science behind cardiovascular health. He has created fitness programs including home-school PE programs as well as a gym member initiation program, called Commit to Fit, with the Burleson Recreation Center. He has two Bachelor's degrees in Finance and Economics and knows first hand how financial stress and work stress can affect your health. He's been advising others on financial education and wellness initiatives since 2004 and wants to see others take back their life! Currently he manages and teaches at Melrose CPR, works at the Burleson Recreation Center and is the President of the Board for the Harvest House in Burleson.


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