FIGHT or Flight Ministry

To put it simply: STRESS KILLS. We are here to provide hope and give the tools needed to reduce and/or eliminate illness that stems from chronic stress. Learning when to stay in the fight and when to let go and move on is key in reducing chronic stress! 

Life continues to move forward with no regard for our current emotional state. We are taught to get up, dust ourselves off, and keep moving forward. However, what happens when we never address what had us on the ground in the first place? Has the act of falling become a pattern? If so, how do we break the cycle in our current life situation? 

That's where FIGHT or Flight comes in. We meet you where you are and focus on 3 areas to help: 

  1.  Provide helpful resources that you need right away
  2.  Provide educational opportunities to continue to grow 
  3.  Provide 6-month stress intervention programs that focus on behavior change 


What We've Done So Far

FITNESS OFFERINGS: We've hosted a weekly boxing class called Stronger Together on Saturday mornings since November 2019. We've also offered several self-defense classes in the community. These classes include a boxing workout, yoga, strength training and more. Each class comes with a breakfast spread and prayer. The cost is FREE and is 100% donation-based. 

STRESS INTERVENTIONS: We've been working individually with clients who want to identify the gaps in their wellness journey since September 2019.  Clients receive weekly counseling, nutrition guidance from a registered dietitian, and fitness programming. The results have been immeasurable! 

EDUCATIONAL COURSES: We've offered stress talks, self-help workshops and more on a monthly basis that is free to the community to attend. We also are partnering with Melrose CPR to provide safety trainings to the community during COVID-19. 

MOBILE PANTRIES: Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we have supplied a Mobile Pantry to the community. Our pantries are on weekends and are provided in a variety of neighborhoods in Tarrant County. We also have Pantry Deliveries and have provided this as an option for those without transportation or who cannot leave home.


The Founders

 Melanie Rose is a wellness programming professional in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and has been working in this industry since 2005. She holds a Master's degree in Kinesiology where her degree major focus was Exercise Psychology. She is a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and chooses to promote WELLness over ILLness. Melanie currently is the owner of Melrose CPR and is a Kinesiology Instructor at Tarrant County College. She also volunteers at her church providing dance and self defense classes for Women of Faith.

Derrick J. Rose is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and the lead instructor at Melrose CPR. He educates the masses on the science behind cardiovascular health. He has created fitness programs including home-school PE programs as well as a gym member initiation program, called Commit to Fit, with the Burleson Recreation Center. He has two Bachelor's degrees in Finance and Economics and knows first hand how financial stress and work stress can affect your health. He's been advising others on financial education and wellness initiatives since 2004 and wants to see others take back their life! Currently he manages and teaches at Melrose CPR, works at the Burleson Recreation Center and is the President of the Board for the Harvest House in Burleson.


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