Our goal is to reduce stress in our communities using holistic wellness as our foundation. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

Welcome to FIGHT or Flight


Have you noticed your interest in work has declined? What about your sleep pattern, is it normal? Stress and how you deal with it, will manifest itself in your body! 

FIGHT or Flight seeks to spread awareness of the effects of stress on the body and encourage disease prevention through healthy lifestyles. 

This organization consists of: 

- Stress Intervention Program 

- Lifestyle and wellness classes including: 

   nutrition support, grocery store tours, personal training etc..

- Job-skill training 

- Safety Training: CPR certifications, self-

   defense, mental health first aid, etc. 

- On-going research related to stress and 


Stressed, Anyone?


We encounter stress every day. It's our body's reaction to a new, and sometimes unexpected, adjustment in our lives. Some stress, eustress, can be perceived as positive (i.e. getting offered the job you've been praying for). Other stress, distress, is perceived as negative (i.e. receiving news that a loved one was in a fatal accident, while you're away on a cruise). The question is HOW do you deal with either type of stress? That's the key to your health down the line!

The first stage in your body's reaction to stress is the "Alarm" stage. It's where you have that "oh snap!" moment and have to decide whether you're going to face the stressor head-on or abandon it and move on. This is called "Fight or Flight" and either response, if handled correctly, can have a positive effect on your health. Prolonged instances of this heightened alarm state though can lead to chronic illnesses down the line. This is where the FIGHT or Flight Program comes in to play!

To join our Stress Intervention Program, please contact us. We accept year-round.

Start Where You Are


Every day, meet yourself where you are. Take an inventory of who you are and what your values are. Are your values lined up with what your daily activities consist of? If there's any compromising, you might find yourself suffering from distress and not even realize it. Let's think about it, even a happy event like a wedding can bring on distress when logistics get involved. But who are you? What makes you tick? What makes you happy? This is where you start to conquer stress head on! 

View the common sources of stress below. Look at each and think about how you respond to them, verbally and non-verbally.  Take note of your initial reaction and if it gives you an unfavorable response, try to see what actions would have to be made to create a more favorable response in the future. This is the first step!  Not sure where to start? Contact us and let's chat!